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Caring for Outdoor Tile

Don’t neglect your outdoor tile, especially if it’s exposed to extreme weather elements. We give a brief overview of techniques to consider so you can enjoy it all summer long. Tools to Use For every day maintenance care, we recommend using a stiff bristle outdoor broom, and sweeping once a week. For tackling small stains
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Three Trends in Outdoor Stone and Tile

Looking for the lastest outdoor trends in stone and tile to remodel your backyard? We take a look at three design elements that will take your outdoor space to the next level. Patterned Tile Patterned tile is on the rise indoors and outdoors. These designs make outdoor spaces appear open and interesting, yet personal. Most
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Blog Post–Spring DIY: Your Top Three Projects

Spring is here which means it’s time for DIY home renovations. Whether it be an outdoor kitchen, your next bathroom floor remodel or a kitchen backsplash, we discuss the hottest home trends this season and how you can begin your next DIY project. Outdoor Kitchen: Choosing the Best Surfaces Granite is the number one choice
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Must-have tile tools for your next DIY project.

Are you ready to tackle a tiling project but don’t know what you need to get started? We discuss the top tile tools for your next DIY project. To Begin: Chalk Line Tiling is about straight lines. Fill the tool with chalk powder, shake it up, and unreel the string to the desired length. Snap
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How to Decide Granite Thickness

After deciding granite as the primary stone in your home, it’s time to determine which thickness will complete your look. Typically the industry standard for kitchen granite is 1.25 inches (3 cm), while a granite bathroom vanity is ¾ of an inch (2 cm). We share tips that will help you make the best decision
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Chipped or Cracked: Our Top Tips for Granite Repair

Is your granite in need of repair? We discuss DIY advice for granite chips and cracks to keep your countertops looking new. Mees has all the necessary tools to complete minor repair projects and the staff on hand for those times you need a pro. Chipped Granite Granite is a very durable material, but if
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Three Granite & Cabinet Color Combinations to Try

Selecting the right color scheme for a room can be tricky when you don’t have a particular theme in mind. Whether you’re going for a stark contrast or complementary colors, we break down three granite and cabinet combinations to consider. Go Modern For a modern look, choose contrasting counters and cabinets like black granite (Black
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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Granite

Whether you’re picking out granite for your home remodel or selecting stone for a new build, color selection is important. As one of the largest granite importers in Kentucky we know a thing or two about selecting the right granite slabs. Here are a few things you should consider: Lighting When choosing granite for a
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Top Color Choices in Granite

Have you officially decided on granite for your new home or remodel? Granite adds personality and character as no two stones are the same. However, selecting a color is just as important as the type of stone itself. From your kitchen to your bathroom, we dive into the most popular granite color choices. White Granite
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Easy Ways to Clean + Care for Granite, Marble & Quartz

When it comes to selecting new surfaces for your kitchen, it’s important to choose the best option for your lifestyle. Before you commit to a particular stone, learn how to care for each. We take a look at what it takes to maintain granite, marble and quartz on a daily basis. . Cleaning Granite Wash
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2018 Tile Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

As we’re about to ring in the new year, many are wondering what new patterns and colors will be in for 2018. If you’re a new home buyer or renovating a living space, check out these styling ideas. . Try Terrazzo Terrazzo is making a comeback next year, and subway tile is taking a backseat.
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Three Tile Trends We Are Thankful For

From classic subway to on-trend hexagon, tile styles are constantly evolving. This fall, we take a look at three tile trends you may want to consider for your next remodel. . Textured Tile This year we’re thankful for the “slate split face tiles.” These are natural slate strips of different sizes, staggered together to create
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4 Ways to Create a Warm, Inviting Look With Tile

There’s nothing better than having a warm, inviting home. As the weather cools we’ve rounded up four ways you can use tile to create a cozier home.. Choose Cream We all love that beautiful bright white subway tile, but sometimes it can come across a bit cold. Solution: Swap out stark white tile for cream
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3 Scary DIY Tile Mishaps to Avoid

When it comes to a DIY tile project, there’s a whole list of dos and don’ts. Want to avoid those scary mishaps? We’ve rounded up three common mistakes that you can be sure to avoid on your next tile project. Wrong Dimensions Whether you’re cutting around an outlet or cutting a curve like this, double
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Design Inspiration: Stone Countertop + Tile Combos

Over the years stone, especially granite, has become a staple in the kitchen. Why? Because it’s equally as durable as it is beautiful. Take your stone countertops to the next level by pairing them with showstopping tile. See below for some of our favorite inspiration. Cool + Modern Love the look of gray and white
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The Best Uses of Granite in Your Home

The list of why you should add granite to your home is endless – stain resistant, fade-resistant, and hassle-free to name a few. If you’re thinking about granite in your home, here are four areas to consider. Kitchen Countertops Having granite countertops in the kitchen is a no-brainer. Not only can you sit hot pots
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The Latest in Floor Tile: Trending Patterns

Floors can add that unexpected design element that ties a room together. From large format tiles that create a clean classic look to a herringbone pattern that brings the wow factor, we take a look at the latest in tile floor patterns below. Herringbone It’s no secret we’re big fans of the herringbone tile pattern.
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Mees Tile & Marble goes totally robotic!

With their newest robotic saw, this dual bed machine speeds production for Mees Tile & Marble. Customers can view layouts in advance so that they can see how the veins will match. See how that helps our customers!  
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Tile as Art: 4 Creative Tile Patterns

Adding creative tile patterns to your space in equal parts is decorative and durable. If you’re looking for a way to bring art into your home with tile, we’ve highlighted four options below. V-Shaped A few shades of subway tile and a little bit of patience is all it takes to achieve this showstopping backsplash.
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3 Grout Trends Taking Over the Tile World

Gone are the days of basic, white grout. While it goes perfectly with some tile, there’s nothing wrong with thinking outside the grout box and going bold. From black to glitter, we take a peek at the trends between the tiles below. Metallic Want to make a statement? Go for a glamorous feel with glitter
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4 Tile Textures to Add to Your Home

From glazed to natural stone, textures are on the rise in the tile world. Looking to add it into your next set of design plans? Check out our overview of a few that are on trend. Natural Stone Natural stone isn’t just for the floors. Take this textured trend to your backsplash to add a